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My Itinerary is…

Monday 19th May

(Virgin Train) - London Euston 10:35
Manchester Piccadilly 12:46

Meeting my old flat mate who works in Manchester city center on his lunch break between 13:00-14:00

I then have 3 hours and 50 minutes before I need to get on the bus to Liverpool airport. This will give me plenty of time to visit the central library, where I can use the internet or read a book about Moscow or Riga. If the weather’s nice I could always just relax outside.

(Terravision Bus) - Manchester City Center 17:50
Liverpool Airport 18:50

Having already checked in online through the Ryanair website, which includes free priority boarding. I should arrive at the gate in good time for my flight to Stockholm(Skavsta).

(Ryanair) - Liverpool Airport 20:20
Stockholm (Skavsta) 23:40

With a flight to Riga 12 or so hours away there is little point in making the trip in to Stockholm city, which lies some 100km south of Stockholm Skavsta Airport. Nyköping which is a short 10 minutes away on the bus will be my stop for the night.

Tuesday 20th May

(Ryanair) - Stockholm (Skavsta) 12:45
Riga 14:50

Just outside the exit to Riga airport is the bus stop for the number 22 bus which will take me right to the central train station. Length of journey approx 25 minutes. Cost of single fare 0.4lats, which is around 45p.

With a couple of hours before my train leaves, I should have plenty of time to pop in to the local supermarket (Stockmann, located 1 minute across the road from the train station), to get some food and drink for the mammoth train journey that lies ahead.

(Latvian Rail) - Riga Pasazieru 18:02
Moscow Rijskaja 12:16 ( Arriving in to Moscow the following day)

Wednesday 21th May (Matchday)

After 17hours and 6 minutes on board the sleeper train, I should with a bit of luck pull in to Moscow just after Mid-day on the day of the big game.

With the kick-off scheduled to suit British TV, and with Russia 3 hours ahead of British Greenwich Meantime, I have the best part of the day to explore the city of Moscow.

I expect I will find myself in Red Square eventually, where I believe the Russian government are providing a free bus service direct to the Luzhniki stadium.

Kick Off : 10:45 pm

Half Time : 11:30 pm

Full Time : 12:30 am

With the match extending in to the early hours of the morning, preceded by presentations and the usual hold ups, I don’t expect I will be out of the ground until at least past 1 am.

Where I end up going after that, who knows? I guess that may depend partly on the result? I have however been told that many places in Moscow are open all night including bars, clubs and supermarkets. With no accommodation booked, I’ll have to find somewhere inventive to spend the night. I’m still holding out hope that I may be able to find someone on couchsurfing.com that may be able to help me out. Although with the game going on until the early hours, it may not be easy finding someone who is willing to offer me a bed or a floor at say 2am.
Any night owls or students out there? If anyone can help, please do get in touch!

Thursday 22th May

With my return train back to Riga not scheduled to leave Moscow until 21:02 I have the whole of Thursday to go sightseeing.

Moscow Rijskaja 21:02
(Latvian Rail) - Riga Pasazieru 12:20 ( Arriving in to Riga the following day)

Friday 23th May

Arriving in Riga at 12:20 on the Friday I decided that it would be nice to spend a day and night there. So I’m booked in to a hostel in the city center.

Saturday 24th May

Finally I fly back to England late Saturday morning. In keeping with following the cheapest travel options available at the time of booking, I shall be flying back to East Midlands Airport.

(Ryanair) - Riga 11:20
East Midlands 11:55

Using the Skylink bus from East Midlands, I have a short local bus ride to Loughborough. Which connects me with my very last bus, the National Express to London Victoria Coach Station.

(National Express) - Loughborough 13:35
London Victoria - 17:50

Map of Route, mine is in blue (from BBC Website)

route map