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Day 3 - Riga to Moscow(sleepertrain)

May 21st, 2008 by sneedlestone

After an epic 17 hour train journey I have finally made it to Moscow. And actually as bad as it sounds I quite enjoyed the train ride. 
The atmosphere continues to be friendly. With a good mixture of football fans and locals on board, the whole train ride was a good experience. As you would expect most people were up drinking until the early hours of the morning. That said once we eventually made it past the Russian border, and had had all our documents(passport,immigration card, and match ticket) checked, the lights in the train were dimmed down. And I took the opportunity to get a good nights sleep in before the big day.

A few quick words about the train. Although there were two trains going from Riga to Moscow, the one I was on was called a Jurmala, which is the more basic of the two. Seats ranged from second class(4 in a cabin), third class/platzcart, which is a kind of open carriage filled with double bunks all the way along.Apparently this is what most locals used(and also my choice). Finally there is 4th class which is basically just a seat.
The photos below are take from a 3rd class/Platzcart carriage. Personally I enjoyed the friendly openess of the whole carriage. They say from a safety point of view(particularly for women) that this also the safest. As everyone looks out for one another.

The great thing about the sleeper train is that if you do manage to get some good sleep in, once you wake up in the morning you are almost in Moscow. So the 17 hours really doesn’t feel that long. And what with the bed and the freedom to roam, it really isn’t so bad.


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