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Day 2- Camping in Nykoping/ Sweden to Riga

May 20th, 2008 by sneedlestone

Day 2 - Stockholm(Skavsta)/Riga

Following on from where I left off yesterday. Everything went bang on plan. I was successful in reaching Liverpool Airport on time. And my flight to Stockholm Skavsta even arrived 20 minutes early.

Onboard the flight were mainly locals, I managed to sit right in the middle of the only 5 Manchester United fans on the whole plane. I thought it best to introduce myself, at the end of the day were all football fans from England and the match doesn’t start util wednesday. So why not be friendly?

So as I said the flight went well. And since I had the task of finding somewhere to camp , I was grateful to arrive early. In order to get a half decent night sleep I thought it best to not pitch my tent up next to the runway. So I jumped a bus to a local town called Nykoping, in search of a nice camping spot.

I thought I would try my luck and ask the bus driver to drop me off somewhere which might be suitable for camping. He was extremely helpful, but I think he thought I was crazy, and after asking me to stay on the bus to the last stop. He then pointed me in the direction of a local hotel in Nykoping(not what I was asking).

Anyway Nykoping, or at least the centre was more built up than I had expected. And with lots of residential houses and streets it took me a while to find a suitable pitch for the night. I eventually settled for a peice of public land inside lots of overgrown cover behind a local museum. With the tent up in a matter of minutes I finally climbed inside and went to bed around quarter past one.

After a cold but fairly decent and undisturbed nights sleep I woke up looked out my tent and had no idea where I had ended up. Packing the tent down I walked off in search of the local bus back to the airport. Luckily this friendly local was on hand not just to give me directions but to walk me all the way there, and show me to the right stop. This guy was 14 years old, spoke perfect English and was as friendly as punch, nice one!

That brings me up until now. Ryanair flight Stockholm(Skavsta), arrived here in Riga around 3pm local time. The sun is shining and I have a train to catch in half an hour, so I best be off now.

Moscow here I come…

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  1. saorlab Says:

    Good on ya mate post again, in moscow.

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