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Day 1- London/Manchester/Liverpool/Stockholm

May 19th, 2008 by admin

On the way-arriving in Manchester Picaddily

Day 1 - London to Manchester

So far everything is running nice and smooth. After leaving my house this morning just afer the rush hour, I made it to Euston in good time to catch the 10:35 train to Manchester. Where I met my old friend & flatmate James for a quick coffee(13:00). Before he had to get back to the office. If your reading this, thanks alot for the coffee, really nice to see you!

Next stop Nationwide bank, to pay off some last minute bills(boring). Followed by a late lunch in Subway. That brings me up to now, where I am curently sitting in front of a PC in Manchester Central library.

Day 1- Manchester to Liverpool Airport/ Liverpool to Stockholm(One man & his tent)

The plan for the rest of the day is to catch the bus from Manchester city centre direct to Liverpool airport(6pm).
I then catch a flight at 8:20pm and will arrive in Stockholm(Skavsta) around 11:30. I think the biggest challenge of the day is going to be finding somewhere suitable to pitch a tent at midnight near Skavsta. I’m guessing its gonna be cold, dark and I have no knowledge the local area.
Random Swedish forest here I come…wish me luck

Anyway I’ll try my best to keep the updates coming, and maybe a few photos if possible. I’m guessing I may not be able to get back on the internet now until I arrive in Riga tommorow afternoon!

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