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Welcome to Journey to Moscow

May 11th, 2008 by admin

This years Champions League final is in Moscow and I along with many thousands of Chelsea and Man U fans will be making the journey there.

These journeys are journeys of passion, hope and unfortunately massive spending. Club trips start at £800 and there are no affordable direct ways of getting to Moscow. I set myself the target of getting to Moscow on a budget. This is my story…

7 Responses to “Welcome to Journey to Moscow”

  1. saorlab Says:

    And are you red (boo) or blue (yay)

  2. bill Says:

    good luck mate! Sounds an exciting adventure, If I didn’t have kids/wife/dog etc I’d have loved to do something like this. Instead I’m on one of the daytrips.
    Come on you Blues!!!

  3. Sharon D Says:

    Great website! Just wanted to wish you best of luck for the trip tomorrow. Hope it all goes to plan, and you find places to stay in Stockholm and Moscow!

    I look forward to hearing how it goes and seeing the photos!

    Take care! :)

  4. sneedlestone Says:

    Thanks for your comments.
    I’m definitely a true blue!

  5. bill Says:

    “random swedish forest”
    It is actually legal to camp anywhere in Sweden so don’t feel shy about pitching your tent in someone’s front garden!

  6. House of Blues Says:

    Great effort mate & well done a fantastic effort.
    Fingers crossed for a dream to come true on Weds..you certainly deserve it to.
    Safe journey.

  7. Vince Brackley Says:

    Great photos and a good read. We done a similar trip of Heathrow to Paris then Paris to St Petersburg then overnight sleeper train to Moscow. Unfortunately due to the late finish of the match we missed our train back to St Petersburg so had to get an internal flight from Moscow. Added to the cost as like you we were on a budget. Great fun apart from the ending but hey ho. I live in Aldenham and am a season ticket holder MHU so if you fancy a meet drop me an e-mail

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